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Easing the transition in child custody exchanges

Some Oklahoma divorced parents are far too aware of the possible complications involved in child custody exchanges. Many people are indeed able to navigate these types of swaps without serious difficulty, but being aware of some of the different problems that can arise could help to avoid their unnecessary escalation should they occur.

Child custody exchanges occur when one parent physically gives the child over to the other in accordance with an established visitation schedule. If relations between the parents are particularly bitter, this process may be highly emotional for all involved. Maintaining amicable relations between biological parents is often one of the best ways of looking after the best interests of the child during the exchange process. Disputes often arise from differences over a child's health or educational needs. Resolving these matters in advance can help both parties to better communicate their desires and work toward some measure of cooperation.

For the most part, visitation schedules and child custody exchanges are outlined during the divorce itself. Since the law generally recognizes the right of divorced parents to continue spending time with their children, failing to pay child support is not a legally acceptable reason for revoking visitation rights. Nevertheless, if serious disagreements cause potentially dangerous situations during the exchange process, the visitation rights for the parent in question could indeed be rescinded.

In these cases, it may be helpful to meet with an attorney to see what recourse there may be. In some cases, it could be prudent to file a motion with the court seeking a modification of the existing order.

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