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November 2016 Archives

Legal rights for grandparents interested in visitation or custody

Although disagreements between parents and grandparents over the raising of a child are common, this alone is not grounds for seeking custody. Such a disagreement might cause a parent to minimize a child's contact with their grandparent, which could trigger a grandparent's interest in obtaining court-ordered visitation rights. The Oklahoma court system might allow a grandparent's visitation or custody case to move forward under certain circumstances.

Student loans and divorce settlements

It can be very difficult for Oklahoma residents to get rid of their student loans, but this may not necessarily be the case for the spouse of the debtor. This depends on the status of that debtor at the time the loan is taken out. An unmarried student will typically continue to be solely responsible for their student loans through marriage. In the event of divorce, the student would continue to carry that responsibility. However, a married status at the time a student loan is taken could obligate both spouses to satisfying the debt at the point of divorce.

Divorce after 50 can hurt retirement plans

Married Oklahoma couples often pay less per person for their grocery bills and other monthly expenses than single people do. When a person goes through a divorce, the increase in expenses can come as a shock. That's why it's crucial for a divorcing person to review their income and expenses and come up with a new budget.

Asset dissipation in a divorce

Occasionally, one spouse in an Oklahoma divorce will try to hide assets or waste them in order to keep the other spouse from getting his or her fair share of the marital estate. This behavior can be very detrimental to lower-earning spouses who may depend on their portion of the marital estates to take care of themselves independently after the divorce.