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The influence of finance on divorce

Although there are many issues that can cause an Oklahoma couple to end their marriage, finance is considered to be the top matter that leads to breaking up. Financial problems or disagreements can make divorce a particularly contentious process for such couples. Although it may be difficult to imagine this outcome as a couple prepares for marriage, it is crucial that a sound financial foundation be established in advance.

Just as a beautiful wedding requires good planning, a sound marriage also depends on the investment of time in goal setting and planning. Without common goals, a couple could quickly face arguments over money decisions. For example, one partner might be committed to maintaining a strict budget, but the other might spend without thinking about the potential consequences.

It is important to discuss one's financial history with a prospective spouse to ensure that matters such as student loans don't create unexpected stress. Keeping secrets about credit cards, bank accounts, or other financial matters could undermine trust. It is also important to define roles to ensure that bills are paid in a timely way. Some couples might choose to keep their finances separate, but failure to establish parameters for handling regular expenses could lead to resentment and misunderstandings.

Second and third marriages tend to be associated with higher divorce rates. Individuals entering into such marriages are also more likely to have children who might be affected financially by a divorce. One of the most effective strategies for safeguarding personal assets such as a business or property in this situation could be a prenuptial agreement, which could complement one's estate plan.

Although a high asset divorce could be contentious, a prenuptial agreement might help to avert costly legal problems. A well-planned prenuptial agreement could help a couple to end a marriage on a more positive note.

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