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Options for conflict resolution after a divorce

Estranged Oklahoma parents may find themselves at an impasse with one another on a parenting issue after their divorce is final. When they have a dispute about an issue around raising their children, there are a number of options available to resolve the issue. The best approach is to try to talk with one another, but this is not always successful. However, unless the issue involves a major change in custody or support, courts are unlikely to want to get too involved in managing how parents raise their children.

A better option than court might be mediation. A mediator can help parents come to an agreement in any number of areas ranging from child custody and visitation to choosing a child's school. By bringing their respective attorneys into the process, parents can also make the decision a legally binding one. A different option is hiring collaborative attorneys to help with negotiation. The couple must agree that they will not turn to litigation, and if they do, they must obtain different legal counsel.

Another option, co-parenting counseling, allows parents to work through their issues in a therapeutic environment. It differs from co-parenting coordination, a process that has fallen out of favor in courts but that still may be valuable for parents. A co-parenting coordinator makes decisions about smaller issues such as extracurricular activities.

There are steps parents can take that may help them avoid or minimize these types of disputes after the divorce is final. Many of the above methods, such as mediation, can be used during the divorce process and may help parents develop conflict resolution skills that they can continue using. Parents can also create detailed agreements that cover a wide range of issues and that also includes a framework for conflict resolution in the event that they cannot agree on some aspects.

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