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October 2016 Archives

Status quo remains in Jolie-Pitt custody matters

Oklahoma residents may be interested to know that a 20-day child custody arrangement between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has been extended. The arrangement allows Jolie to have custody of the kids while Pitt has monitored visitation rights. He also has to undergo drug and alcohol testing. The issue was in part prompted a Sept. 14 incident aboard a jet, but Pitt says that there was no altercation or inappropriate contact on that jet.

The influence of finance on divorce

Although there are many issues that can cause an Oklahoma couple to end their marriage, finance is considered to be the top matter that leads to breaking up. Financial problems or disagreements can make divorce a particularly contentious process for such couples. Although it may be difficult to imagine this outcome as a couple prepares for marriage, it is crucial that a sound financial foundation be established in advance.

Options for conflict resolution after a divorce

Estranged Oklahoma parents may find themselves at an impasse with one another on a parenting issue after their divorce is final. When they have a dispute about an issue around raising their children, there are a number of options available to resolve the issue. The best approach is to try to talk with one another, but this is not always successful. However, unless the issue involves a major change in custody or support, courts are unlikely to want to get too involved in managing how parents raise their children.

Angelina Jolie asks for sole child custody in divorce

Oklahoma residents may have heard about Angelina Jolie's decision to petition for full physical custody of the six children that she has with her estranged husband Brad Pitt. Asking for full child custody was more common in the past, but these days, divorced parents are more likely to work out joint custody agreements.