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Divorce and conflicts over parenting rules and guidelines

Setting guidelines and boundaries as a parent is difficult under normal circumstances, never mind while going through a divorce. Oklahoma parents may find themselves at odds when it comes to setting and enforcing rules for children, especially in the area of technology. When one parent feels that it is fine for a child to spend hours playing video games and the other has stricter guidelines, it can lead to conflict that makes the transition of divorce more difficult on the child.

Parents are advised to discuss their rules one-on-one and agree on guidelines before they become an issue. When one parent is permissive while the other is strict, it creates unnecessary conflict and confusion. Instead, both parents should be on the same page as much as possible and try to enforce similar parenting guidelines no matter whose house the child is staying at. This includes rules about time spent playing video games, watching television, and going to bed.

In cases where an agreement cannot be reached between parents, it may be necessary to let the court come to a decision. This can have lasting consequences, and there is no guarantee that the judge will take the side of the parent who first complains. Most family courts refuse to pass judgment on how parents allow children to spend their time unless it is clear that the use of excessive technology or a lack of structure is harming the child's well-being.

Parents who are going through a divorce can benefit significantly from a consultation with a family law attorney. A parent may want to have an attorney who can examine child custody arrangements and other important documents to ensure that his or her rights are being upheld. An attorney could also provide advice on making the divorce as smooth as possible for the parent as well as the child.

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