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What to expect with adoption in Oklahoma

Many Oklahoma residents want to be able to adopt a child. It is possible for both individuals and couples to be able to adopt in the state, but the process may seem daunting. If you are interested in adopting a child, the process you can expect will depend on the type of adoption you are wanting to complete.

In many cases, adoptions involve family members or stepparents adopting children. If the child you wish to adopt has a natural parent that is alive, you will need to obtain his or her consent or move to terminate his or her parental rights if they have not already been terminated. In cases in which the parent has abandoned the child or failed to pay child support, it may be possible to ask the court to terminate his or her rights, clearing the way for you to adopt.

If you want to complete a private adoption, you will be working with the birth mother throughout the process. You will need to submit to background checks and to complete all of the necessary paperwork. When you have completed everything correctly, Oklahoma law lets you take the baby home directly from the hospital.

Our attorneys have a keen understanding of the laws involved with adoption. We work closely with our clients in order to assist them through the process. When we are helping clients with family adoptions, we work to secure the needed consents or move to terminate parental rights. We also routinely help individuals and couples with navigating the complicated process that is involved with private adoptions, working to make certain that everything is done in a legal manner. If you want to learn more about adoption, you may want to review the information on our adoption page.

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