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Chris Brown wins custody case

Oklahoma fans of Chris Brown may have heard that on Aug. 12, the mother of the singer's child was denied full custody and several other requests. The mother reportedly requested, in addition to full custody, that Brown only have monitored visitation, no visitation for Brown's mother and for Brown to submit to a drug test.

The child's mother claimed that the singer was unfit to care for the child by himself. She also had originally wanted to increase the child support she received to approximately $16,000 from $2,500. Following her loss in court, however, she dropped the child support modification petition.

The custody and visitation schedule that was already in place remained set following the court hearing. Both Brown and the mother share joint custody of their daughter. The singer was given 12 days of unmonitored visitation every single month. After the latest court hearing, the mother was ordered to return the attorney fees that Brown had paid so she could have a lawyer.

When a child custody dispute occurs, it can be very difficult for parents to come to an agreement when it comes to a visitation schedule. If one parent alleges that the other parent is unfit and cannot properly care for the child, a family law attorney may either argue that there is no proof that the parent is unfit or show evidence that the child is safe in the client's care. If there is evidence that a parent is unfit, the attorney may assist with seeking sole custody of the child and additional child support to assist with the costs of raising the child.


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