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August 2016 Archives

Chris Brown wins custody case

Oklahoma fans of Chris Brown may have heard that on Aug. 12, the mother of the singer's child was denied full custody and several other requests. The mother reportedly requested, in addition to full custody, that Brown only have monitored visitation, no visitation for Brown's mother and for Brown to submit to a drug test.

Mortgages and savings accounts in divorce

When one spouse tells the other they want a divorce, they might also already have an idea of how property will be divided. The other spouse should keep in mind that just because they have been asked for a certain type of divorce settlement, they are not required to comply with that request. For California couples, one of the first steps will be deciding what counts as marital property.

Keeping the home versus selling it after a divorce

Oklahoma couples who are considering a divorce may be trying to determine whether they should keep or sell the family home. However, there a couple of considerations that they may want to look at before making a decision, as it can have an impact on the person's financial future.

What to expect with adoption in Oklahoma

Many Oklahoma residents want to be able to adopt a child. It is possible for both individuals and couples to be able to adopt in the state, but the process may seem daunting. If you are interested in adopting a child, the process you can expect will depend on the type of adoption you are wanting to complete.