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July 2016 Archives

How to claim Social Security benefits on an ex-spouse's earnings

Some couples in Oklahoma might want to postpone an impending divorce if they are nearing the ten-year mark in their marriage. The reason is that after ten years of marriage, at retirement, a spouse might be able to draw payments on the former spouse's Social Security benefits.

Changes after legalizing same-sex marriage

Marriage is rarely easy, but the opportunity to marry who one wants regardless of gender is a basic American right that was finally acknowledged by the U.S. Supreme court in June 2015. Same-sex couples in Oklahoma and other states now get to experience the same positive and negative aspects of marriage as everyone else.

An overview of child custody issues

One of the greatest challenges for Oklahoma parents who are facing a divorce can be child custody. A split can leave parents at odds about raising their children, sharing parenting time, and figuring out how to make ends meet in light of these changes. In some cases, parents work carefully to help their children make as smooth a transition as possible, which often requires setting aside personal differences to reduce stress for youngsters. However, those facing a divorce that is more adversarial can deal with major questions about custody options, enforcement of court orders, and options for getting help with an uncooperative ex-spouse.