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Cooperative parenting after a divorce

Childless couples in Oklahoma have relatively straightforward options for severing relations with their former spouses and moving on with their lives after a divorce. This will usually not be the case when the parents of young children obtain a divorce. Their offspring will likely require special care and attention as they go through the process with their parents.

Children tend to be vulnerable at this time. They should be treated with care and respect for their emotions so as to avoid traumatizing them unnecessarily. Comity and cooperation are essential watchwords in determining a new parenting plan for the children. No matter what the personal feelings of the former spouses may be towards each other, it is crucial that they regulate their behavior towards the other parent and maintain harmony in parenting decisions. If they fail to do this, then the best interests of the child may be at risk.

Some circumstances require an even greater degree of foresight and care. For example, the parents of young children should consider that their shared responsibility may require them to maintain a reasonable working relationship into the future. A well-designed parenting plan can provide for this by taking into account future milestones that will likely arise, such as high school graduation.

Dealing with custody and visitation disputes can be disruptive not just for the parents who are arguing but for their children as well. Family law attorneys will often tell their clients that these are not battles to be won or lost, and that the parents should keep their children's best interests at the forefront.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Marriages Dissolve, But Parenting Partnerships Are 'to Death Do Us Part' -- What Type of Parenting Partners Are You?", Dr. Jamie Williamson, June 1, 2016

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