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Proactive measures for divorce protection

Divorce in Oklahoma can be an extremely expensive action. In order to best protect themselves, people who are planning end their marriage should take some proactive steps before they file. They should also consider how to act and respond while their divorce cases are pending.

Before a divorce, it is very important for people to make certain to have gathered all of the information about the accounts they and their spouse have. It is advisable to write down all of the account numbers and passwords. It is also smart to photocopy all important documents, including the most recent copies of bank statements, retirement account statements, deeds, titles and tax returns. People should also photocopy invoices as well.

Taking pictures of everything in the house is also a good idea. This can help people later when they need to determine how assets should be divided, and it helps if something disappears or if something is forgotten. While it may be tempting to fight about everything, it is smarter to try to avoid doing so. Fighting about unimportant things costs money. Instead, people should think about what is truly important to them and what they are not as concerned about.

Every time a person decides to fight over something in a divorce, that translates into additional litigation costs. Deciding to instead treat the divorce as if it is a business negotiation may help to reach an agreement. A person who is going through a high-asset divorce may need to get help from a family law attorney in order to locate hidden accounts, assets and debts. Help with getting professional valuations of assets may be important as well.

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