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Rates of divorce fall again for the military

Some good news for Oklahomans who are serving in the military and their spouses is that the military divorce rate fell again in 2015 across the country. The rate has steadily fallen for six years, pointing to the idea that military families may be feeling less stress than previously.

Both enlisted troops and officers had rates of divorce at 3 percent, which was a decrease of 0.1 percent from the 2014 rate. The divorce rates fell for all male troops and a majority of female troops, with the exception of females serving in the Marines. While experts are unsure why families are apparently feeling less stress, they do note that fewer deployments have occurred in the last few years.

The civilian divorce rate was at 3.2 percent in 2014. Because of different methodology used for tracking purposes, direct comparisons between the two groups cannot be accurately made. Among civilians, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tracks divorce rates in 45 states and the District of Columbia. Military divorces are tracked by analyzing benefits distribution using personnel data.

It is encouraging that military divorce rates have continued falling. The frequent deployments military service can bring can cause couples to undergo substantial stress. Even though the rates continue to decline, some military members and their spouses will still determine that divorce is the best option for them. The military has specific rules regarding spousal benefits and child custody that differ from those involved with regular civilian divorce cases, and thus having the assistance of a family law attorney who has familiarity with these matters can be crucial, regardless of whether the client is a military member or is estranged from one.

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