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Parenting plans may change in summer

Divorced parents in Oklahoma should plan ahead for summer vacation to avoid arguments with their ex-spouse. When the weather is hot and school is out, a child's schedule is likely to become more complicated and parents may be planning vacations. If a parenting plan does not address the change of season, there could be a lot of miscommunication.

A detailed summer parenting plan should address issues like vacation plans by setting a time frame for notifying the other parent about vacation plans. If a parent gives sufficient advance notice about their summer vacation plans, this can allow the other parent time to plan a vacation as well.

Because the summer parenting schedule is so different from the schedule during the school year, it's common for divorced parents to have miscommunications. Divorced parents can prevent these mishaps by ensuring that they update their parenting plan before summer vacation. Parents may also want to keep track of their child's summer schedule by using a visitation app on their cellphone in addition to an old fashioned calendar. If there is a misunderstanding, parents may want to try mediation before going to court.

Disputes between divorced parents are often the result of an insufficient parenting plan. A lawyer can often help a divorced client to rework an existing parenting plan so that it covers issues like summer vacation, family events and special holidays. If a parent is unhappy with the child custody order itself, a lawyer can assist in petitioning the court for a modification.

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