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Military divorces may be difficult

The end of a marriage is often difficult for many Oklahoma couples. Those who are in the military may face additional hurdles than people who are civilians, however. There are several reasons for the additional difficulties faced by military service members who plan to get divorced.

One of the big issues for military service members is the approach taken by the military towards divorce. The military is very traditional in its view on marriage, and adultery is an act that may be grounds for a court martial. In some states, people may be required to be separated from their spouses for a lengthy period of time before their divorces will be granted. These requirements thus mean that those who are military service members will have to be celibate in order to comply with the rules placed on them by the state.

Military members have somewhat high divorce rates. Part of the reason is that the military directly and indirectly encourages people to marry early. It gives additional benefits, such as housing allowances, to service members who are married. This may lead some people to get married at much younger ages than they might otherwise if they were not serving.

A military divorce may also have other complications, including different rules for the division of pensions as well as the retention of certain benefits by the party who is not a service member. A person who is either serving in the military or one who is married to a service member may want to get help from a family law attorney who may be more familiar with all of the particular issues that may arise as well as the different requirements for this type of divorce.

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