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Many divorced fathers feel they aren't an equal parent

When Oklahoma parents go through a divorce, primary physical custody is usually awarded to the mother. Many people believe that the family court system is unfairly biased towards mothers, and divorced fathers are rarely given equal rights to parent their children. Even when fathers are awarded joint legal custody, they sometimes do not feel that they actually have equal rights.

Divorced fathers are often kept out of certain aspects of their children's lives because important information is not shared with them. For example, a divorced mother may schedule a child's doctor's appointments, parent-teacher conferences and other events without informing the child's father. If a divorced father is unhappy with the fact that he is kept in the dark about his child's health and schedule, he may not complain for fear of losing his parental rights.

If a divorced father does not have a detailed parenting plan, he may have to ask his child's mother for permission to spend special days with his child. Some divorced mothers will deny a father permission to have extra time with a child on special days like birthdays, Father's Day or a family wedding. Though some couples are able to successfully co-parent after a divorce, many mothers seek power and control because they fear losing time with their child.

An attorney can provide assistance to a divorcing father during custody hearings and negotiations with his child's mother. If an attorney can help the father to draft a detailed parenting plan as part of a divorce settlement, many future child custody disputes can be avoided.

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