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April 2016 Archives

Rates of divorce fall again for the military

Some good news for Oklahomans who are serving in the military and their spouses is that the military divorce rate fell again in 2015 across the country. The rate has steadily fallen for six years, pointing to the idea that military families may be feeling less stress than previously.

Parenting plans may change in summer

Divorced parents in Oklahoma should plan ahead for summer vacation to avoid arguments with their ex-spouse. When the weather is hot and school is out, a child's schedule is likely to become more complicated and parents may be planning vacations. If a parenting plan does not address the change of season, there could be a lot of miscommunication.

Many divorced fathers feel they aren't an equal parent

When Oklahoma parents go through a divorce, primary physical custody is usually awarded to the mother. Many people believe that the family court system is unfairly biased towards mothers, and divorced fathers are rarely given equal rights to parent their children. Even when fathers are awarded joint legal custody, they sometimes do not feel that they actually have equal rights.

Military divorces may be difficult

The end of a marriage is often difficult for many Oklahoma couples. Those who are in the military may face additional hurdles than people who are civilians, however. There are several reasons for the additional difficulties faced by military service members who plan to get divorced.