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Prolonged divorce decisions can negatively impact children

As an Oklahoma couple with young children considers ending their marriage, many factors can affect the timing of actually filing and moving forward. A decision to divorce could be preceded by months or even years of bickering. The environment created in such a home can be confusing for children, especially if there is an uncertainty about what the future will hold. Even when the decision to proceed is made, there can be influences that cause one or both parents to question that step.

If a couple decides to divorce, a prolonged process could distract children from their academic activities, affecting performance in both school and in extra-curricular activities. Further, one parent often moves out of the home when the action is initiated, which could impact children as visitation periods ensue and as challenges occur when special occasions are celebrated. A prompt resolution can often help children to make a better adjustment to the new situation.

As matters such as child custody are addressed during proceedings, parents might consider options such as shared physical custody. A parenting plan might outline days of the week for children to spend time with each parent or to stay in a given home. This might be an ideal solution for those parents who have work schedules that would affect their ability to spend quality time with their children on given days of the week. However, it is also important to consider the potential impact on a child if they will spend some school nights with one parent and other school nights with the other.

The best interest of a child is typically a top priority during any legal action involving custody and parenting plans. If a plan is not working out after the divorce, it may be necessary for each parent to have their respective attorneys see how it can be modified.

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