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Divorcing couples cautioned to prep themselves for court

Oklahoma couples whose marriages are ending may find it advisable to learn what they should expect from divorce court. Obtaining a divorce isn't necessarily a quick or straightforward process, but planning ahead may make it easier.

The selection of the right type of attorney is an important part of a contested divorce. Having combative lawyers may actually work against people. Family law practitioners who can clearly elucidate different legal options and their consequences, on the other hand, might be better equipped to help their clients make decisions. Spouses also need to take active roles in processes like discovery so that they can exercise better judgment in life-changing decisions.

Parents are cautioned against including minor children in formal divorce court proceedings, as some judges may look upon such actions negatively. Spouses also need to be as professional as possible and deal with the emotional aspects of their splits outside of court. Because the law varies in different divorce situations, couples who learn what their responsibilities are may fare better or even be able to take advantage of unique rights, like accelerated court proceedings that facilitate more rapid custody solutions.

Getting a divorce may involve a number of distinct processes. In addition to appearing before a judge to finalize the split, couples might have to draft custody arrangements or property division agreements. Splitting property can impact a number of assets, such as trust funds, bank accounts, business holdings, real estate and vehicles. The court will make these decisions if a couple is not able to agree otherwise, and so it can be advisable for both parties to have their respective family law attorneys attempt to negotiate a comprehensive settlement agreement.

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