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March 2016 Archives

Prolonged divorce decisions can negatively impact children

As an Oklahoma couple with young children considers ending their marriage, many factors can affect the timing of actually filing and moving forward. A decision to divorce could be preceded by months or even years of bickering. The environment created in such a home can be confusing for children, especially if there is an uncertainty about what the future will hold. Even when the decision to proceed is made, there can be influences that cause one or both parents to question that step.

Choosing the right tax filing status

Typically, an Oklahoma married couple has the option to file their federal tax returns either jointly or separately. In most cases, it is beneficial to file a joint return. However, there are times when it may be best to file individual returns instead. When a couple files jointly, they may enjoy a lower tax rate for their combined income, enjoy a larger standard deduction and enjoy access to credits that may not be available when filing separately.

How a parenting plan can reduce conflict

Oklahoma parents may find working out child custody and visitation to be the most difficult aspect of their divorce, but creating a parenting plan might smooth the way for children and help to set up healthy boundaries for adults. Because it may deal with legal and physical custody as well as anticipating other issues ahead, a parenting plan can set the stage for a more amicable co-parenting relationship and assist with future conflict resolution. Even after their children are no longer minors, the arrival of grandchildren and other events might mean that parents will continue to be a part of one another's lives.

Divorcing couples cautioned to prep themselves for court

Oklahoma couples whose marriages are ending may find it advisable to learn what they should expect from divorce court. Obtaining a divorce isn't necessarily a quick or straightforward process, but planning ahead may make it easier.

Qualified financial advice crucial during a high-asset divorce

Many people in Oklahoma know someone who suffered unpleasant financial consequences after a divorce. Unexpected tax bills, debt payments or inadequate child support all could result from a divorce. For help with the long-term financial decisions necessary during a divorce, it is recommended that each party obtain an independent financial adviser.