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Sherri Shepherd is appealing child support case

Sherri Shepherd is appealing a Pennsylvania court ruling declaring her financially responsible for a child born to a surrogate mother to a higher court. The star had previously filed an appeal to remove her name from the child's birth certificate, but that request was denied.

According to court documents, Ms. Shepherd paid over $100,000 to a New Jersey surrogate agency to have a baby with her ex-husband Lamar Sally but sought to have the contract voided after the two filed for divorce. At that time, the surrogate mother was already far along in her pregnancy. Lamar Sally has expressed public disapproval of his ex-wife's decision not to support her child. Sherri currently is court-ordered to pay $4,100 per month. That amount is set to increase to $4,600 after the child turns 13.

In child custody cases, most judges will expect a parent to pay child support if the child is not living with that parent. Judges generally decide child custody cases based on what is in the best interests of the child. A parent who is interested in obtaining primary custody of their child may file a request in court for a child custody order modification.

Parents who are concerned about the amount of child support they have to pay may wish to consult an attorney experienced in family law. In some cases, judges may allow termination of child support payments if a parent's rights have been terminated or if the child has been adopted by another parent. Until one of these conditions have been met, most judges will still expect parents to support their children, even if the parents do not have frequent visitation with the child.

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