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Avoiding social media during and after a divorce

Many Oklahoma couples who are going through a divorce are likely to be filled with anger and unresolved feelings. It may be tempting for an individual to share these feelings on social media, but doing so is rarely a good idea. To begin with, anger filled posts about someone's estranged spouse is likely to make friends and family members feel uncomfortable.

Additionally, if children have access to social media, which is increasingly common, they may be able to see these negative posts. Even if they are not, children may still overhear other adults discussing them, and this information may damage relationships between both parents.

Although it's not a good idea to share a person's issues with their ex on social media, that doesn't mean that people shouldn't vent. Getting out anger can be helpful so long as it is done in a private and constructive way. People can talk to friends or family members and relate all of their feelings and betrayal in a way that will not draw other people in. Additionally, a counselor or a divorce coach may help people through the process of dissolving their marriage and dealing with the associated emotions.

A divorce can often bring out the worst in people, and certain elements of the process can be more contentious with others. Parents who are facing the end of a marriage sometimes forget that their young children will be shaped in many ways by how it is handled. An attorney representing a divorcing parent can often suggest mediation or negotiation as a way to ease the conflict.

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