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Navigating child visitation schedules during the holidays

The holiday season can be difficult for Oklahoma spouses who are in the midst of a breakup. However, the children are often the ones who lose as they desire to spend time with both parents. Developing a visitation plan should take the interests and needs of the children into consideration, and this may be best accomplished through a cooperative effort. Negotiation is often part of what it takes to develop a viable visitation plan.

If a judge decides child custody matters in a divorce case, a common solution for holiday visitation is the alternation of years for a given holiday. One parent would spend Christmas, Easter, or other special days with the child in a given year. The following year, the schedule would reverse. A more modern approach that may better suit a child's interests is a split-time schedule on each special day. Many children want to see both parents on a day of celebration, and a split schedule makes this manageable. However, this can be challenging if the parents are not on amicable terms.

During negotiations over potential parenting plans, both parents must realize that there is a need for give and take. Negotiation might be handled strictly through the attorneys in a matter, but collaborative divorce solutions might allow these issues to be discussed in a casual setting. By working on the parenting issues from the start of divorce proceedings, it may be easier to handle holidays and other events that occur prior to the finalization of the matter.

A family lawyer might be able to help a divorcing spouse to negotiate the terms of their children's visitation schedule. If it is impossible to decide the terms of child custody outside of court, the matter must be brought before a judge to be decided.

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