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Custody battles and the best interest of the child

Oklahoma parents who might be considering filing for divorce might be wondering about a possible custody battle and what it means to a child. Commonly, many parents who are divorcing and engage in this type of dispute say that they are doing it in the best interest of the child. However, battling over child custody can often have the opposite effect.

When parents choose to engage in a battle over child custody, they might not realize that they are focusing first on themselves and not really on their children. Battling it out, particularly in court, is about winning, not about what is in the best interest of a child. In many cases, when negotiations over custody become bitter, one of the parents might seek sole custody of the child, which means complete physical and legal custody, with the non-custodial parent being allowed visitations, sometimes supervised if there are factors that might warrant it.

Parents often battle it out for custody because they believe they can protect their children from the events of the custody dispute. They also often think that their children are strong enough to deal with the process of a custody battle. But this is not necessarily true, as children will often be affected by the process of divorce and a custody battle.

When considering if it is worth it to put children through a custody battle, parents should think about whether it is fair or not. The reality is that what is fair for one parent is not necessarily fair for the other parent or for the children. Parents might choose, instead, to come up with a plan that is negotiated by their respective family law attorneys.

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