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October 2015 Archives

IRS to recognize same-sex marriages in any state for tax purposes

Same-sex couples in Oklahoma are often concerned about the way private and government agencies treat their relationships. Until the Supreme Court handed down the decision that requires all states to issue marriage licenses to both same and opposite sex couples, issues such as taxes, insurance and legal responsibility for partner were often determined by the state in which a couple lived.

Grandmother hides with grandsons during custody battle

Some Oklahoma parents who are going through ugly child custody battles might want to run and hide so that the state courts cannot touch them or the children. This is what one grandmother is doing in Montana by hiding in a tribal reservation.

Hair follicle drug tests can lead to false positives

Oklahoma parents who have child custody cases pending in the court system might want to learn about a new study regarding hair follicle testing. Many family courts order people to take drug tests when allegations of drug use are brought by the other parent.

Questions about same-sex benefits after Obergefell case

With the Supreme Court's landmark June 2015 ruling in the Obergefell case, same-sex couples in Oklahoma and throughout the country now enjoy the same rights to marry as do heterosexual couples. Questions still remain about same-sex spouses being able to access benefits through their spouse's medical insurance plans, however.