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Study shows women more likely to end the marriage

When a heterosexual Oklahoma couple is headed for divorce, a study suggested that it may be likely that the divorce proceedings were initiated by the wife. In fact, the research showed that about two-thirds of all heterosexual divorces between 2009 and 2015 were initiated by women.

Researchers analyzed data from a study called "How Couples Meet and Stay Together." The survey included 2,262 participants who had opposite sex partners. If the partners were living together but were not married, it appeared that either gender was likely to end the relationship. The lead author noted that almost all of the studies that had been conducted up to this point have come to the same conclusion.

There may be several reasons as to why this is the case. A Stanford University associate professor stated that some social scientists believed that women were more sensitive to the highs and lows of relationships, meaning that they were just more likely to end marriages. However, the results of other studies suggested that the change in women's roles in relationships may also be a cause, especially as there is a growing equality in workplaces and other institutions. This growing equality elsewhere has been slow to catch on when it comes to marriage, as many husbands still expect women to fill traditional roles.

Whenever a couple goes through a divorce, it can be difficult for both parties to split up finances and property, especially if the couple has children. A family law attorney can assist a spouse with the process, including attempting to negotiate a comprehensive settlement agreement covering the applicable divorce legal issues including property division and spousal support.

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