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The benefits of a prenuptial agreement

Prenuptial agreements are still a taboo topic for many couples discussing marriage, but they shouldn’t be.

Not only do prenuptial agreements protect the rights and interests of both parties during the marriage, they also allow the parties to have a thoughtful discussion about finances prior to tying the knot.

Another misconception is that prenups are only needed if you are wealthy. In reality, prenuptial agreements can provide many benefits to people who are entering marriage with any amount of property that they acquired on their own.

Because people in Oklahoma and the rest of the country are getting married somewhat later in life, it is common for people to have homes, retirement accounts and other property of their own when they decide to get married.

Taking the time to enter a prenuptial agreement can help protect these asset, while making sure that the couple is on the same page with regard to finances.

Here are some additional benefits of entering a prenuptial agreement, which were discussed in an article from

  • A prenup can serve an important purpose in your estate plan.
  • A prenup can help reduce conflict and save money during a divorce if one should arise.
  • A prenup can help assign debt that was acquired before the marriage.
  • A prenup can give both parties an understanding of what they will be entitled to if the marriage ends.

While discussing a prenuptial agreement surely won’t be the most romantic thing you do with your significant other, it serves an important purpose that is too often overlooked.

Just make sure that if you decide to enter a prenuptial agreement, you have it drafted by an experienced attorney so that it is enforceable.

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