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Three instances when you should not initiate a divorce

While a majority of our posts focus on how to manage the emotional and logistical pitfalls that may come about during divorce, we find it prudent to dedicate a few of our upcoming posts to planning for divorce. After all, the old adage “if you prepare for the worst, you can expect the best” isn’t far from the truth. Planning not only helps you put things in perspective and get past the emotional barriers.

One of those barriers may include know when to initiate the process. Indeed there are several points during the year where you should avoid serving your soon-to-be ex. This post will identify a few.

Right before your child’s wedding – The time before your child gets married is supposed to be a joyous time. Your child, and the families that will be joining together are in the midst of a celebration, and it should not be compromised by your marital discord or your desire for revenge.  With that said, hold off on the divorce announcement until after the kids “I do.”

During a family gathering – Graduation season is only a couple months away. This is when families come together to celebrate a child’s major accomplishment. Again, this is not the time to rain on everyone else’s parade. There will be another time to start your new life.

Before a bonus is awarded – Part of initiating a divorce is set what is called a “valuation date” or a “separation date.” This date is important because it sets the final date where a person’s salary or bonus can be considered joint marital property, and thereby subject to division. 

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