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How to manage spring break parenting time disputes

If you are a divorced parent planning a spring break getaway with the kids, there are several things you should have on your checklist. Of course, you should have your hotel reserved, check the weather forecast for where you are travelling to, and make sure that there are no delays or other issues that would lead to your flight being cancelled.

But above all else, you should make sure that you have the time with the kids secured. This is especially important if your divorce decree does not make clear that you have spring break. Indeed, many parenting time plans have holidays detailed, but if spring break is not clearly detailed (especially for kids who are not of school age yet) this could be a touchy issue.

If, unfortunately you do receive pushback over taking the kids out of town, consider these options before seeking court intervention.

Try a diplomatic approach – The old adage, “you catch more flies with honey than salt” applies here. Simply put, when you make demands or draw lines in the sand, you are more likely to raise the other side’s defenses. Instead, focus on how much fun the kids will have, or how an overworked parent deserves a break.

Be willing to mediate and compromise – Having a neutral third party to help work out your issues can help in maintaining a positive relationship (or at least to foster one). Also, mediation is cheaper and quicker than litigating your matter in court; and if you are required to do so before filing a motion, you may have no other choice.

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