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March 2015 Archives

How to manage spring break parenting time disputes

If you are a divorced parent planning a spring break getaway with the kids, there are several things you should have on your checklist. Of course, you should have your hotel reserved, check the weather forecast for where you are travelling to, and make sure that there are no delays or other issues that would lead to your flight being cancelled.

Three instances when you should not initiate a divorce

While a majority of our posts focus on how to manage the emotional and logistical pitfalls that may come about during divorce, we find it prudent to dedicate a few of our upcoming posts to planning for divorce. After all, the old adage “if you prepare for the worst, you can expect the best” isn’t far from the truth. Planning not only helps you put things in perspective and get past the emotional barriers.

Common tax questions divorcees need answers to

As we begin the first week of March, we know that this month is known for three things: the end of winter (and the end of snow), the NCAA Tournament and the Sooners’ march to a championship, and the frantic rush to complete federal income tax returns. A number of our readers look forward to the first two, but getting tax returns ready may be anything but a picnic for those getting divorced. It is the uncertainty and questions that may drive them crazy. With that said, we offer a post that can help answer some of the most common questions as you prepare to divorce