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Lady Gaga is engaged. Will a prenup follow?

On this blog, we don’t post very often about celebrity engagements, much less celebrity breakups, but with the news about Lady Gaga’s recent engagement to longtime boyfriend Taylor Kinney, we thought it appropriate to change this “policy.” The singer noted for her “extreme” outfits and musical notoriety announced that she would be tying the knot by posting a picture of her heart shaped diamond ring on Instagram with the caption: “He gave me his heart on Valentine’s Day, and I said YES!”

Not much is known about when the parties will officially say “I do” or where vows will be exchanged. If their engagement is like any other celebrity nuptials, chances are there will be news about what she will be wearing on her big day. Also, there will likely be questions surrounding whether the two will sign a prenuptial agreement. 

As you may have probably guessed, a prenuptial agreement is a contract that people expecting to marry enter into that will ultimately dictate how the parties will manage their split should they divorce. In essence, a prenup can determine how property will be divided, whether either party will be entitled to support (either temporary or permanent), and whether there will be any rules within the marriage.

Like any contract, prenuptial agreements can be invalidated if there are significant questions about whether either party failed to disclose important aspects about their financial positions or if they entered into the agreement under duress.

If you have questions about whether a prenup is right for you, an experienced attorney can help. 

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