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If you are going to post about your divorce, read this first

If you are going through a divorce, or have recently started the process, chances are that you have been advised to stay off of social media outlets. After all, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat and other outlets have routinely been misused by litigants wanting to vent about what is going wrong in their lives, or how their soon-to-be ex-spouse is such a terrible person.

Despite the venom that can be spewed over social media, there are instances where people can share their lives or seek help in tasteful and compelling ways. In fact, there are reasons why genuine and heartfelt expressions can be helpful. This post will explain a few. 

Posting on social media can alleviate fears – Part of the anxiety of going through a divorce is wondering what people will think of you. It is natural to feel as if people will be judging you or think that you should give your marriage another chance. But posting about your situation (in a tasteful way) could help in alleviating your fears. You may even see that you have more support that you knew.

People may understand you better – Since divorce can be such an emotional trial, people may not understand why you have bouts of moodiness, especially if you are keeping all of your experiences under wraps. A well written post can help people understand what you are going through, which may lead to more support.

Life isn’t always roses – It is easy to believe that everyone you see on Facebook or Twitter has such perfect lives; especially when they are always posting about the good things that are going on in their lives. But guess what: life isn’t always great and perfect. 

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