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How to reset your mindset after divorce

Parenting time disputes are arguably the most common issues that family courts must deal with after a divorce decree is finalized. Whether you are dealing with inconsistent exchange times, complaints over payment of extracurricular activity fees, or the presence of a new significant other around the children, there are a number of issues that manifest themselves with the parents themselves before they actually become issues that a court may deal with.

In essence, the parents may not have let go of the hurt, anger and resentment that plagued them during (or even before) the divorce, and it has affected how they co-parent now. This mindset is important because it is can help in reducing conflict as well as save thousands in fees. This post will identify some ways to change it. 

Get over it and move on with life – While this may be easier said than done, it is essential to avoiding the petty fights and arguments that eventually mushroom into litigation. If you are having trouble,  think about being a beacon for the children and how compromise can help in their development.

Be comfortable with your new role – If you are essentially a single parent because of the split, embrace the new role that you have, because the kids need you. If you are having to share duties because your ex
“suddenly” wants to be a parent, welcome the new help with open arms. After all, kids need both a mother and a father.

Nevertheless, some disputes need court intervention. In those instances, contact an experienced family law attorney

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