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Thoughts on January divorces

A few weeks ago, we posted on the decision disgruntled spouses had to make about beginning divorce proceedings during the holiday season. Essentially, we noted that it is not such an easy decision, and that each situation is different. Nevertheless, the holidays have come and gone, the decorations have likely been taken down and life (as mundane or troubling as it may be) begins once again.

As such, it may be time for those who are set on divorcing in 2015 to begin the process. After all, January is known for having the most divorce filings than any month during the year.

But why is that so? This post will explore some of the common reasons behind this trend.

The financial incentives –Some couples look to January to start divorces because a huge year-end bonus may be factored into a property settlement equation. Why file in December when a bonus may be excluded? In these instances, the old adage “money talks” applies.

The holidays are important – As we alluded to in our previous post, the holiday season may be important for couples with children. They may feel that making happy memories is more important than getting out of a troubled marriage, and that a divorce would put such a damper on everyone involved.

A fresh start – Starting off the New Year with a fresh start is likely a major incentive for people considering divorce. For some, it is about finally putting themselves first. For others it is the proper step towards having a wonderful Valentine’s Day. 

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