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Should you begin a New Year's resolution?

We hope that you have begun 2015 on a high note! In our last post we wrote about the benefits of spending Christmas alone; especially if it is you first time doing so. Basically, we noted that you should embrace the freedom you have and spend the day exactly how you want to.

As you begin the New Year, chances are that you are proposing new resolutions. After all, it is common for people to promise themselves that they will lose weight, become organized, or even have better relationships with family members. Perhaps it may be beneficial for you to forge a resolution to improve your relationship with your ex-spouse or significant other when it comes to co-parenting.

Indeed, having a productive relationship with your ex may not be easy. There may be unresolved emotional issues, mental health issues and even pressures from third parties (e.g. friends and family members) that may make things difficult for you. However, no significant transformation occurs in short order. It takes time, patience and effort in order to see things through.

With that said, a bump in the road to a changed relationship does not mean that transformation is not impossible. It just means that you have to take one day at a time and not allow simple disputes to manifest themselves into bigger problems. Nevertheless, if you have questions about how to keep such disputes to a manageable level, consulting an experienced family law attorney is a good start. A good lawyer can help you understand how a court could potentially view your issue or suggest a path to resolving it. 

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