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How to make 2015 great if you are a recent divorcee

In our last post, we highlighted the trend of more divorces being filed in January than any other month during the year. For those who have recently had divorces finalized, the New Year could be a time of trepidation. After all, it will be a year of firsts for you. Holidays may not be the same, tax season will be different and you may be getting used to a new parenting time schedule.

However, the New Year is not a time to have regrets or be depressed about what could have been. Instead it is time to seize new opportunities that were not available when you were in a tumultuous marriage. With that said,  we offer a few helpful tips to make 2015 great if you are a recent divorcee. 

Put negative feelings aside – We know, putting aside feelings of hurt and anger may be easier said than done, but your mental approach to the New Year is important for making the most of the opportunities you have (and will have) as the year goes along.

Rally around the kids – The saying “kids make the world go ‘round” doesn’t just apply during the holidays. Another way to make 2015 great is to commit to being in the children’s lives, even if it seems like they don’t want you around. (Teens are strange, but they need their parents regardless of what they may say).

Take one problem at a time – If there are post-decree issues that you must address, pledge to take action by addressing the issue with your ex sooner rather than later. It may take filing a motion with the court to make sure your decree is being properly followed. 

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