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January 2015 Archives

What is mediation and why should I try it?

Child custody and parenting time disputes are the worst. The notion of your ex denying you time with your child can be dirty and underhanded, but it does not help the situation to retaliate against them. It also doesn’t help to give up and simply fade away out of the child’s life.

What custody evaluators may be looking for

If you are embroiled in a custody dispute with your soon-to-be ex-spouse or your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, it could arguably the most emotionally stressful experience of your life. Simply put, custody disputes are not fun, and the stress that parents (and kids) experience is why there are many options to use alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and early neutral evaluations.

How to make 2015 great if you are a recent divorcee

In our last post, we highlighted the trend of more divorces being filed in January than any other month during the year. For those who have recently had divorces finalized, the New Year could be a time of trepidation. After all, it will be a year of firsts for you. Holidays may not be the same, tax season will be different and you may be getting used to a new parenting time schedule.

Thoughts on January divorces

A few weeks ago, we posted on the decision disgruntled spouses had to make about beginning divorce proceedings during the holiday season. Essentially, we noted that it is not such an easy decision, and that each situation is different. Nevertheless, the holidays have come and gone, the decorations have likely been taken down and life (as mundane or troubling as it may be) begins once again.

Should you begin a New Year's resolution?

We hope that you have begun 2015 on a high note! In our last post we wrote about the benefits of spending Christmas alone; especially if it is you first time doing so. Basically, we noted that you should embrace the freedom you have and spend the day exactly how you want to.