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What can I do if I don't have the kids for Christmas?

If you’re newly separated and are spending Christmas without the kids (since they are spending the day with your ex) it is not exactly a recipe for disaster. As we have mentioned in a few of our posts, the holiday season is a “season” for a reason; it is a collection of days for people to spend time with family, unwind from the stressors of everyday life (i.e. work and school) and be thankful for another year.

So if you are alone, this is when carpe diem comes into play. You may finally have the opportunity to have a day trip to catch up with friends and family. Even if it is an impromptu trip, catching a flight on Christmas morning or jumping in the car for a drive may be the thing to break off any blues you may have. 

If travelling is not an option, a movie marathon may be the thing to do.  There are a number of great films that are getting Oscar buzz opening tomorrow. If going to the movies isn’t your thing, turn to sports. The NBA has five…yes five marquee matchups that will span from 11:00 a.m. central through Christmas night. If you’re not a sports fan, curling up with a good book may be a good. For the ultimate geeks and nerds, playing video games (yes…Candy Crush counts) may bring you some joy.

The point is that having time to yourself on Christmas does not mean that you are a loser or that no one cares. Take the time to make what could be a sad situation fun!

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