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Three helpful tips for securing holiday parenting time

Now that Halloween has come and gone, it may surprise you to see how quickly Christmas displays and decorations show up in stores and shopping centers. Indeed, retailers are getting their ducks in a row so that they can be first in mind when the holiday shopping season begins in earnest.

But retailers shouldn’t be the only ones preparing for the holidays. Divorced and newly separated parents should be shoring up plans for what children will be doing, and where they will be spending time. In the next few posts, we will be focusing on the issues that come up when disagreements arise. But for now, this post will introduce some basic tenets for dealing with them.

Be open to changes – Remember that the holiday season is a collection of days. This means that there is ample time for both families to spend with the children. This is especially true for kids on Christmas break, so if you can spend time with them on Christmas Day, there are other days to make memories.

Don’t be vindictive – If you didn’t reach an agreement for parenting time during Halloween (or Labor Day for that matter), resist the urge to seek revenge during the holidays. Settling a score with the other parent merely takes your focus away from the kids.

Get court ordered parenting time - When a parenting time dispute cannot be resolved amicably, the court must get involved. However, before filing a motion, it is prudent to get some advice regarding how a family court judge may view the matter and rule. 

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