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Could mediation be better for you?

Divorce is pure hell. That’s what many divorcees may be expecting as they get ready to deal with the legal and emotional issues that come from their soon-to-be ex spouse. Not only will they fear that the problem will consume them (i.e. financially and emotionally), they may believe that they will be ruined financially and emotionally as well.

But the reality is, not all divorces run this course. Why? Most couples take advantage of alternative dispute resolution instead of litigation. Essentially, a growing number of people are looking towards mediation to resolve disputes over child custody, property division and support questions instead of digging in their heels and being incorrigible.

Because of this, we highlight the benefits of mediation with regard to divorce.

It is cheaper than litigation – Fundamentally, mediation is cheaper than divorce because the time and expense of it is much less than litigation. There are a number of issues that can be resolved in just one session compared to the process of discovery and hearings before a family court judge.

Relationships can be preserved – Mediation is designed to help couples reach a resolution, so inherently they will be working together to reach a compromise. Conversely, litigation tends to drive people apart and the relationships that co-parents must have in order to be effective parents may not survive.

The process is generally quicker – When parties choose to mediate their issues, they may not be subject to a court’s schedule, which may call for hearings and discovery to be pushed out months in advance.

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