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Halle Berry seeks child support modification

It is common for non-custodial parents, particularly fathers, to seek child support modifications. This is especially true when the parent paying support has a sudden reduction in income caused by a job loss or layoff. However, some fathers may petition the court for a reduction because the receiving parent has obtained a new job that pays more money than before. Considering that many men may see child support as an improper form of spousal maintenance.

It appears that Halle Berry feels the same way. According to a recent TMZ report, the Oscar winning actress is requesting that a family court judge reduce the amount of child support she is obligated to pay ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry for the costs he incurs in raising the couples’ daughter. Berry currently pays $16,000 in support each month pursuant to an agreement the parties reached this summer. The agreement also calls for Berry to pay the child’s school tuition as well as Aubry’s attorney’s fees.

Generally, a court may modify a child support if it is shown that the obligor (the person paying support) has had a substantial change in circumstances, such that it would be a significant hardship to continue paying support at the previous level.

It remains to be seen what other details will arise from this story. In the meantime, Berry claims that Aubry has stopped working and has become accustomed to living of the support she pays as a result of their accord. If you have questions about support modifications and whether it can be done, an experienced family law attorney can help.

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