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Dealing with an ex and back to school costs - Part II

In a prior post, we highlighted the difficulties that divorced and separated parents can have when deciding what to buy for kids who are going back to school. Essentially non-custodial parents who pay child support may not be willing to open their wallets to purchase additional things for the new school year, and that this should be the responsibility of the parent receiving support to make the best of their budget.

With school starting for many kids this week and next, we find it prudent to revisit this issue and provide another set of helpful tips. 

Make the most of Labor Day sales – A number of retailers are offering additional discounts for Labor Day weekend. With this weekend being the last of the month, retailers are motivated to get things moved to make room for new inventory. This could result in sales that can be beneficial to your budget.

Create a co-op – Your buying power could go farther if you team up with other parents to buy things in bulk. This way you may be able to save money by splitting the costs among the group.

Identify “wants” vs. “needs” – It is normal for kids to want to keep up with their peers when it comes to cell phones, tablets or the latest fashions. However, as a parent, you have to be strict about identifying what is needed (i.e. required by the school) as opposed to what is desired (i.e. requested to be popular).

Buy in stages – Who says that back-to-school shopping has to be completed before school starts. There will be things that could be bought weeks, or even months from now. 

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