Norman Criminal Defense Attorneys For Students

For many people, the first-time run-in with the law can be an extremely intimidating experience. In most cases, young people, such as college students, make a simple mistake or lapse in judgment that lands them in jail, facing substantial fines and with a tarnished record. The latter is often the most damaging aspect as it can follow them as they attempt to begin a career once their education is complete.

Our Lawyers Can Protect Your Future

At Cindy Allen & Associates PLLC, we are trial attorneys who understand not only the legal implications of a conviction, but the personal and professional repercussion that can echo throughout a young person's future. By taking aggressive action on behalf of our clients in municipal court, we can take steps to pursue a dismissal of the charges, negotiate a generous plea agreement or pursue an expungement in the future.

Some of the most common types of violations we see concerning young adults and college students in the campus communities surrounding Norman include:

  • Minor in possession of alcohol
  • DUI
  • Public intoxication
  • Marijuana possession
  • Traffic violations such as speeding or reckless driving
  • Vandalism
  • Shoplifting
  • Pursuing an expungement

Collateral Consequences Of Campus Crimes

For young people, the consequences of a criminal conviction can extend beyond their formative years. When applying for a job, the stain of a criminal charge can make the difference between being hired or denied a position. Additionally, losing a driver's license, increases in insurance premiums and even academic consequences can all put a young adult at a significant disadvantage as he or she attempts to move forward with his or her personal and professional life.

The fact is that mistakes happen. As your attorneys, we make it our goal to see that you don't incur unnecessary hardship from those mistakes. By building a strong defense on your behalf and fighting for you during negotiations or litigation in municipal court, we can help you protect your greatest asset, your future.

Take Action By Working With Our Attorneys

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