Norman Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

While Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an excellent option for some, Chapter 13 offers those with a steady income a way to protect their property and other assets. Not limited to individuals, Chapter 13 is an option for small-business owners who also require debt relief.

Reorganization Versus Liquidation

Chapter 13 provides an alternative to the liquidation process of Chapter 7 by implementing reorganization of debt repayment. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is especially helpful for those who have significant equity in a home or other property and want to keep it. It is designed for people with a regular income who want to pay off their debts but are unable to do so according to the terms demanded by their creditors. We can propose a repayment plan that pays off your creditors over the course of three to five years. During this approved repayment period, creditors are generally prohibited from continuing collection efforts.

A few of the potential benefits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy include:

  • You can immediately begin rebuilding your credit and take control of your finances.
  • All repossession actions will be stopped.
  • By working within a structured repayment plan, you can manage your debt in gradual payments.
  • Foreclosure actions will be stopped.

At Cindy Allen & Associates PLLC, we can help you keep your home during Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Education Is The Key To Successfully Retaking Control Of Your Finances

As family law and bankruptcy lawyers, we understand the links between the two practice areas and how they can affect one another. With our skill, insight and experience guiding your every move, you can feel confident as you silence creditors and resolve your financial issues.

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